Teacher Education for Transformative Agency: Critical Perspectives on Design, Content and Pedagogy


Carina America, Stellenbosch University; Maureen Robinson, Stellenbosch University; Nazeem Edwards, Stellenbosch University; Karlien Conradie, Stellenbosch University; Marie Louise Botha, Stellenbosch University; Jerome Joorst, Stellenbosch University; Aslam Fataar, Stellenbosch University; Jennifer Feldman, Stellenbosch University; Marie Brennan, Victoria University


Teaching students, transformation of teachers, practical learning, PGCE, curriculum studies, teacher ethics, stellenbosch university


Many teacher education programs globally are undergoing significant changes in response to government policy, imperatives driven by global competitiveness, as well as local conditions. This is particularly relevant in the South African context where teacher education seeks to navigate from the ravages of apartheid education towards addressing the developmental needs of the majority of its citizens.
This book records and explores efforts by academic staff members within the Faculty of Education at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, responding to the demands of a new program in initial teacher education. It brings together diverse views seeking to present a coherent program in the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). It examines how curriculum design unfolds across disciplines in the program, and crucially, the commonalities in the presentation of course material. Lecturers examine the purpose, structure and content of their teaching as they engage with putting democratic policy goals into practice in the core, as well as subject-specific modules of the program.


  • Introduction
    Purpose, outline and contribution of the book
    Carina America, Maureen Robinson, Nazeem Edwards
  • Practical Learning for Ethical Agency in Teaching
    Maureen Robinson
  • Teaching Educational Psychology
    Creating an Epistemological Disposition
    Karlien Conradie
  • Teaching a New Generation
    Implications for Curriculum Studies
    Marie Louise Botha
  • Auto-ethnographic Reflections on an Education Governance, Leadership and Management Module
    Jerome Joorst
  • Teacherly being and Becoming on the PGCE Programme
    The Early Emergence of Students’ Reflexive Mediations of Curriculum Knowledge and Pedagogy on the History and Sociology of Education Module
    Aslam Fataar, Jennifer Feldman
  • Teaching Business Ethics to Pre-service Teachers
    An Integrated Approach
    Carina America
  • Exploring Pre-service Science Teachers’ Epistemic Agency to Develop their Pedagogy for Science Teaching
    Nazeem Edwards
  • An Agenda for Reinventing Teacher Education in South Africa
    Next Steps for Deliberation
    Marie Brennan

Author Biographies

Carina America, Stellenbosch University

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies

Maureen Robinson, Stellenbosch University

Department of Curriculum Studies

Nazeem Edwards, Stellenbosch University

Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies and the coordinator of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Karlien Conradie, Stellenbosch University

 Lecturer in Faculty of Education

Marie Louise Botha, Stellenbosch University

Senior lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies

Jerome Joorst, Stellenbosch University

Lecturer in the Department of Education Policy Studies

Aslam Fataar, Stellenbosch University

Distinguished Professor in Sociology of Education and Education Policy

Jennifer Feldman, Stellenbosch University


Marie Brennan, Victoria University

Honorary Professor of Education


April 6, 2021


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