We are proud to be involved in the production and publication of the following journals.


We offer the following services for journals:

SUN MeDIA has been producing and publishing journals since 2004. The publishing and production services we offer have evolved over the years and now include the following services:

  • Peer review management
  • Subscription management
  • Page fee management
  • Language editing and proofreading of journal articles
  • Design and layout of journals
  • Registering article DOIs with CrossRef
  • Providing article files in multiple formats according to the need of the journal editor. Formats include print-PDF, ePDF, ePUB, html and xml
  • Production of journals – printing and binding, as well as, print-on-demand
  • Packaging and mailing
  • Submitting files to online platforms as required by journal editors
  • Designing electronic marketing material