Teaching in and beyond pandemic times


Prof Jonathan Jansen (ed)
Stellenbosch University
Theola Farmer-Phillips (ed)
Yellowwood Primary


teaching, education, Covid-19, public schools, teachers, tribute, pedagogy, poverty, priveledge, parent teachers, peer teaching, pastoral care, post-pandemic, pandemic


Here for the first time is an account of the inner lives of teachers during and immediately after the pandemic lockdown. What is teaching like during a pandemic? How did teachers manage their emotional lives as colleagues became infected, hospitalised, and died? What did teachers actually do to bridge the gap in teaching and learning where schools and homes lacked electronic resources? These are amongst the many questions on which this collection of teacher stories sheds light. Most of these are stories of hope, resilience, and enormous courage in the face of a deadly virus. Your faith in teachers and teaching will be restored after reading this book.


  • 1. A tribute to South Africa's teachers
    David Millar
  • 2. A dedicatory poem
    Behind closed doors
    Erin Chothia-Lakay
  • 3. Perspective as co‑editor of this book, and as a practising teacher
    Theola Farmer-Phillips
  • 4. Teacher stories about pandemic teaching
    Organised by ten emerging themes
    Jonathan Jansen, Theola Farmer-Phillips
  • 5. What do we learn from the teacher stories in this book?
    Ten lessons for a post-pandemic school system
    Jonathan Jansen, Theola Farmer-Phillips

Author Biography

David Millar, Western Cape Education Department

Former District Superintendent/Director



June 1, 2021


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