Open Access

African Sun Media makes their scholarly research available on an Open Access base according to the Gold Open Access route. The published books and chapters of books that underwent a double-blind peer review process are made available on the institutional repositories of the relevant institutions as well as on the African Sun Media Website. These books and chapters include the following:

  • a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) that uniquely identifies the chapter
  • an ORCID that uniquely identifies the author (if the author has an ORCID)
  • a link to the complete publication
  • a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC-ND) that explains the allowed use of the document.

This CC-BY-NC-ND-license allows use of the document under the following conditions:

  • with acknowledgement to the original source (Attribution – BY)
  • for non-commercial purposes (Non-Commercial – NC)
  • exactly as it appears (verbatim) and not derived from the original (No Derivatives – ND)

The availability of the content ensures that research can be found and used and that citations can be obtained. 

Our Open Access titles can be viewed on the following sites: